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Have you noticed mold stains on your walls? You may not realize it, but mold growth can potentially damage your home’s structure and destroy your personal belongings such as your clothes, furniture and carpets. In addition to that it can lead to serious respiratory problems as well. Make sure your family and your investment are protected by getting a mold inspection as soon as possible. With DMV Mold, I take pride in assisting both residential and commercial customers with their mold inspection needs.

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If you have noticed mold on fabric or mold stains on your clothes, chances are mold is already growing and spreading inside your property. When you work with me I look for mold stains in your property’s walls and ceilings. In addition to this visual inspection I check the air quality you breathe, looking for mold spores. Moreover, if I notice signs of excess moisture on a wall, I’ll take an in-wall sample to conclude if there is a problem beneath the surface. With these techniques we can gather all the hard evidence about the current state of your home. Call today and learn more about my mold inspection services in based in Brookeville, MD and proudly serving the DMV area.