interior of a house covered with molds Brookeville MD

Mold Illness Inspection

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Providing Mold Inspection And Testing Services in Brookeville, MD and the rest of the DMV area

Several symptoms can indicate you have a mold-related illness, ranging from mild to severe. Suffering from these symptoms can affect your everyday life. If you have been recently diagnosed with a mold-related illness, find out if your environment it’s still a safe place to inhabit. As a certified inspector I’m here to provide you with the assistance you need and deserve. Thanks to my decade of experience you can rest assured that you’ll receive dependable mold inspection and testing services. If you’re in Brookeville, MD, or anywhere else in the DMV area please don’t hesitate to reach out.

house interior with molds Brookeville MD

Protect Your Property & Loved Ones from Mold-Related Issues

What’s Included in a Mold Illness Test?

Check For Property’s Mold Toxicity Level

Mold inspection and testing is a crucial first step in learning if your home or business has mold. When you hire DMV Mold, you can rest assured that I have all the equipment and expertise needed to perform an accurate inspection. My services are designed to help you find and address any potential issues with mold on your property. I won’t leave any stone unturned when determining whether or not your home has mold.

During a mold illness inspection, I perform the following:

  • Test for mycotoxins, endotoxins, actinomycetes, VOCs, and formaldehyde
  • Air test in between walls for mold
  • Employ a thermal camera to identify moisture
  • Use moisture meters to determine the levels of moisture

Sore throat, nasal congestion or irritation, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and headache, can be signs of mold illness. If you would like a more in-depth inspection for causes of mold-related instances, make sure to reach out to me. I proudly assist customers in Brookeville, MD and the greater DMV area.